Say Hello to Hello Voice – a Peterborough-based, award-winning company with years of experience in business grade connectivity. Businesses can now access internet speeds up to 100 times the UK average with 100% pure fibre connectivity!


Hello Voice is an official partner of the Peterborough CORE, delivering GIG connect services to Peterborough-based companies. As we’re a local company, we provide the personal support and SLAs that companies need to run a professional, efficient and secure business.


Access broadband speeds up to 100 times faster than the UK average
and for as little as £195 per month!

Which package is right for you?

With gigabit speed connectivity of up to 1000Mpbs – 100 times the UK average – your business will see a radical change in service speed and quality, revolutionising user experience, boosting productivity and increasing resilience. Hello Voice has 3 fixed-price internet leased line service packages to cover all data requirements, starting from as little as £195 per month. Call us today to run through your requirements to help you select the best value package for your business.

All costs quoted are excluding VAT.

  • 500Mb speed uploads and downloads
  • Uncapped data usage
  • Ideal for smaller companies
  • Fixed cost of just £195 per month
  • Gigabit speed uploads and downloads
  • Uncapped data usage
  • Ideal for medium companies
  • Fixed cost of just £250 per month
  • Gigabit speed uploads and downloads
  • Unlimited data*
  • Ideal for large companies
  • Fixed cost of just £525 per month
    *GIG+ is charged by CDR (“Committed Data Rate”) from 10 Mbps upwards, ideal for heavier users.

Why you should gig-up your business

Say Hello to our great prices

Transform your broadband speeds for as little as £195 per month

Flexible data packages

Upgrade your data packages, so your connectivity can grow with your business

Superfast connectivity

With speeds of up to 1000Mbps

Reduce travel costs

Take advantage of video conferencing

Enhance business productivity

Reliable fast connection, engineered not to fail

Personal support and SLAs

We provide the support you need to run an efficient and secure business

Transform your business productivity
  • No more worrying about how many are using your connection concurrently.
  • No more waiting to send or receive large attachments, documents, artwork or videos.
  • No peak-time slow-down when other users in your area are online.
Revolutionise your business efficiency
  • SaaS Cloud applications, such as or QuickBooks run as if they’re on local servers.
  • Take advantage of new technologies such as VoIP and retire old, expensive voice networks.
  • Reduce travel costs by using video conferencing, such as Skype for Business or Lync.
Future-proof your business
  • Ultra-fast fibre access right into your building.
  • Symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1000Mbps) for lighting fast uploads and downloads.
  • Flexible and upgradeable data packages to suit your business in the future.
Expand your horizons
  • Host high-performance, fully featured e-commerce websites.
  • Build an online channel for your customers.
  • Stream video and animated presentations to enrich your website.
Business grade reliability
  • 3 competitive levels of service to suit your needs; fix-times from next working day to 6 hours anytime 24/7.
  • Peace of mind to run your business over a reliable connection, engineered not to fail.
Static IP address included
  • Every GIG Connect service is supplied with 1 static IP address, enabling your business to have a permanent presence online and host mail and web servers over your connection.
  • Additional static IP addresses can be purchased if required.

“The provision of a new, scalable service which is easily manageable has meant huge cost and efficiency gains for us.”

Steve Warburton, Interim Principal Designate, Greater Peterborough UTC

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Here’s a thought about business VoIP communications!

Did you know, we also offer hosted telephony services?

Winners of the ITSPA “Best Business ITSP (VoIP provider) of 2015”, our Contrex solution is fully functional and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, from a one person organisation, through to larger corporates and call centres.

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Hello Voice has a package to suit every business, so contact us today to join the fast data revolution!

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